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Pam’s Corner

“As a small business owner time is important to me, and that includes time on the phone. I was so unhappy with my last two merchant service providers that, sadly, I thought the way I was treated by technical support and customer service was just an industry standard. When I met Melonie, the owner of Affinity Merchant Services, I decided to have her give me an audit. That audit turned into a wonderful beginning. We switched to Affinity about a year and a half ago and I have run into a glitch on occasion but one simple, quick call to Affinity and we were back on track. From setting up the new equipment to having the receipt customized it’s all been handled in a timely, courteous and friendly style. There is something comforting about doing business with someone local, someone I know, someone I like and someone I trust. I am so happy I scheduled that first audit!” – Pam Weirauch

Coyle Funeral Homes

“I love working with local, women-owned small businesses. Affinity Merchant Solutions has provided our business with an easy and cost efficient way to process credit cards, with rates far below what we were paying”- Megan Coyle Stamos


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Shayne Art

“Affinity Merchant Solutions has helped my small art business grow to the next level. When I was accepted into my first Art/Craft Show in Chicago, I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. I arrived at my first show with a small table of artwork, a small cash box and I left with a very small profit and BIG ideas. At the time, it never even occurred to me that I could process credit cards. A year later I returned to that same show with the help of Affinity Merchant Solutions & processed my first credit card as Shayne Art by calling it in & giving customers a carbon copy receipt. My small profit doubled! Four years later, I am still growing, participating in shows & using the unbelievably easy Phone Swipe device for my smartphone.” – Shayne Labadie


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Kohne Camera & Photo

“Working with you is such a great experience that I wanted to let you know. As the owner of multiple businesses, your service with Affinity Merchant Solutions play a very important part. We have been with other services where we were overcharged, can’t talk to a human and didn’t get our money in our bank account for days. With Affinity, we have found it so easy to call you and actually talk to a human (big bonus these days)! When we have needed assistance, the fact that your company will COME IN and help us is amazing and we feel confident we won’t miss a beat with our credit card system. Thank you for caring about your customers and helping each business of mine to be successful.” – Lori Rupp


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Social Media Marketing Matters

“We have been using Affinity Merchant Solutions for a year and it was the best decision we ever made! We use to spend hours manually billing, following up, and sending payment reminders to our customers every month and now, it is all done for us. On the 1st of every month, our clients are automatically billed, we receive a processing report at the end of the day with all of the transactions, and the funds are deposited into our account the next day. On the few occasions we have had a question, Leah followed up that day with an answer. If you are still manually processing your invoices, we highly recommend talking with Affinity Merchant Solutions.” – Barb Wilson

E. A. Lewis Consulting

“The initial set-up of my merchant account with Affinity Merchant Solutions was much easier than expected. And, maintaining my account is even easier – it practically takes care of itself and I get the best rate to boot! Thank you for the great service Affinity!” – Ernest A. Lewis


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Face Skin Health Experts

“Affinity Merchant Solutions have provided our merchant services for our small business from the beginning. As we have grown, they have provided top-notch service every step of the way. They are always accommodating, pleasant and willing to go the extra mile. Since our growth, we have added staff and a new phone system. Small business growing pains come with adjustments and hiccups, and they have handled it all with excellence. We can’t imagine ever being without their service.” – Suzanne, Practice Manager