Steps for Terminal Time Change

It’s time to FALL Back! While the time on most mobile phones has already rolled back, not all credit card machines automatically update the time. Correct time on your counter top terminal ensures a timely settlement report. So follow these quick, easy steps to change the time.

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1. From Sale, Settlement, Void/Reversal screen, press ENTER
2. Choose F2 for Setup
3. Enter the password: 1 Alpha Alpha 66831, press ENTER
4. Press the far left purple button 4 times (has an an arrow above it)
5. Choose F4 for Date/Time, enter in the Date in format as shown, press ENTER
6. Enter in the Time in format as shown (military time), press ENTER
7. Press the red X key 3 times to get back to main menu

PAX S90/S80
1. Press Menu at the main screen
2. Select number 5 for Systems Settings
3. Choose 1 for Date/Time Setup
4. Edit the date and time accordingly with military time