EMV Chip Card Technology


A New, More Secure Way to Pay!

EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) chip card technology works by embedding an encrypted smart chip into payment cards. EMV technology makes it nearly impossible for payment cards to be counterfeited. Soon,”swiping” will not be the only way to pay at the point of sale.

What Businesses Need to Know:

  • EMV – enabled payment systems should be installed prior to the liability shift in October 2015 in order to be protected from counterfeit transaction liability.
  • There are multiple ways in which an EMV payment system will take payments (contact, contactless, and NFC Mobile payments, including Apply Pay) and merchants should take into account their transaction setting when determining what equipment to¬†purchase.
  • The requirement to complete the annual PCI DSS Assessment will be eliminated for eligible merchants.

What Consumers Need to Know:

  • All debit and credit cardholders will be issued a new card containing an embedded smart chip that securely stores and encrypts card data.
  • With EMV cards, their is no “swiping” at the point of sale. Instead, a card is either inserted into the terminal (referred to as dipping) or waved over the terminal (referred to as tapping).
  • Some EMV payment systems will utilize near field communication (NFC) allowing for payments through a mobile wallet such as Apple Pay and Softcard.


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