ACH & Check Processing

At Affinity Merchant Solutions, we enable your business to accept and process checks electronically in all environments, safely and securely. We offer a variety of cost-effective, check processing programs designed to increase sales, reduce risk and maintain customer satisfaction.

What ACH and Check Processing can do for your business:

  • Provide a cost effective payment solution for your business
  • Increase sales by offering convenient payment options for customers
  • Skip those time consuming trips to the bank
  • Offer convenient payment plans through recurring ACH debits
  • Integrate with most existing point of sale hardware or payment gateways

  • Eliminate bank fees and paper check handling costs
  • Reduce or eliminate bad checks with additional guarantee options
  • Directly debit or credit your client’s checking account
  • Easily make frequent payments to contractors using ACH deposits

Accept paper checks or electronically ACH debit a checking account:

Today, checks can be accepted and processed from customers over the phone, through the internet or converted right at the point of sale. You don’t even have to have your customer’s physical check in your possession to get your funds.


Electronic Check Programs:

• Point of Sale Conversion
• Check 21 RDC
• Checks-By-Phone

• Checks-By-Web
• ACH Debit
• Consumer Convenience Fee

Check Conversion Services

If you would like more information on how to use ACH and EFT services for payment in your business, give us a call.