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Melonie Labadie

Solutions for business owners, from a business owner.

Melonie Labadie

Affinity Owner

I formed Affinity Merchant Solutions in 2002 around the principles of honesty and integrity and my passion for helping others.

—Melonie Labadie

With a banking and customer service background, I recognized a demand for merchant solutions with a highly personalized level of support. Our two-tier customer support process ensures all clients a live, local person as their primary point of contact and makes us a voice for business owners. We offer uncommon transparency upfront—and ongoing service after the sale.

affinity (ǝ-fĩn-ĩ-tē)


1. A strong connection or relationship between people or things.

2. A bond marked by common interests.

3. The quality or state of being alike.

As an independent consulting firm, Affinity is affiliated with multiple payment platforms and processors, allowing us to take an unbiased approach when recommending the perfect merchant services solutions for your business.

Customers appreciate our fair and honest rate programs, individualized solutions tailored to their needs, and after-the-sale service.

Our mission is to simplify merchant services for you by providing a transparent fee model and personal service.

Cashier Accepts Card Payment From Customer In Delicatessen

Let Affinity be your guide.

Establishing a merchant account can seem complicated, and not all banks or processors use the same procedures or terminology.