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Answers to frequently asked questions.

We’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions to provide additional information about Affinity and the payment services we offer.

Why should I use Affinity for merchant solutions rather than my bank?

While some banks lock you into their proprietary platforms and devices, Affinity allows you to select from multiple processors and device options. Our independence allows us to be unbiased when recommending the right merchant solutions for your business.

Should my business accept B2B credit card payments?

One reason your business should accept B2B credit and debit card payments is that many customers prefer paying that way. What’s more, card transactions clear more quickly than other payment methods, such as checks or ACH payments, which helps improve your cash flow.

Is Affinity a better fit for my business than Stripe, PayPal, or Square?

Pay-as-you-go payment service providers (PSPs) such as Stripe, PayPal, and Square are affordable ways for small-volume businesses to begin accepting credit card payments. But once your monthly payment volume exceeds $2,000, you could end up paying higher processing fees than if you established a merchant account with Affinity. The best way to know is to request a free, no-obligation cost comparison from Affinity.

Isn’t it expensive to accept credit cards for B2B payments?

Many B2B businesses are reluctant to accept credit cards because they perceive the cost as too high. But interchange fees for processing credit card transactions decrease as the level of verification required for payments increases. For example, the costs are lower for large-ticket B2B transactions where Level II and Level III precautions are in place (such as verifying the cardholder’s address). At Affinity, we can explain the various transaction levels and fee structures and help you choose the best options for your business.

What hardware and software do I need for processing credit card transactions?

There are multiple platforms and equipment options from which to choose, whether you take payments at point-of-sale, online, or by phone. At Affinity, we will advise you on the most efficient and cost-effective options for your unique business needs.

Do I have to replace my merchant equipment if I switch to Affinity?

Not necessarily. Affinity works with processors that integrate with most major devices and software systems.

Is there an 800 phone number that I call for support?

At Affinity, we know that time spent on hold with 800 numbers—researching specific charges or troubleshooting equipment problems—is time away from running your business. Our two-tier customer support process ensures a live, local person as your primary point of contact.

What are merchant services?

The term “merchant services” broadly describes a range of payment services used by businesses including capturing credit card transactions, establishing payment gateways, and depositing funds into a company’s checking account.

How long does set up take?

From the time we receive your application, it generally takes 24–48 hours to receive your approval. It takes another 24 hours to receive your real-time login information if you are an internet merchant. If you are ordering a software product or terminal, it is shipped out upon approval and will generally reach you within three to five business days. You can begin processing as soon as you have received your product.

What if I don’t get approved?

We have a 98 percent approval rate, so it’s unlikely that you wouldn’t get approved. We will review all the details of your business before you apply, so we will do our best to be sure that you will get approved. If you would be denied, we will refund your setup fee, less a $25 processing charge.

Are there any businesses that you do not allow to apply?

Yes. Businesses outside the United States and accounts where a principal business owner has an open bankruptcy are not allowed to apply. We also maintain a list of unacceptable or “high-risk” and conditional merchants. Conditional merchants may apply if they meet certain restrictions. The bank may also require additional reserves to be held back or need an up-front security deposit to approve these merchants. Merchants receive notification before final approval and acceptance of terms. Contact us to inquire about specific conditional or unacceptable business types.

Do you offer merchant accounts to businesses outside the United States?

No, all businesses must have an address in the United States, a depository checking account with a US Bank, and ship all products from the United States.

Can I offer Text-To-Pay?

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